Life is too short to wait but enough to enjoy every moment.

Life is too short to get in shape 1Every day I travel in public transports. There I see hundreds of guys and girls going to gym. They rush to gym, do hard pushups, sweat and say thanks to gym instructor for assisting them get into the shape.

Sometimes it makes me laugh despite I used to follow the same trend however now-a-days I am a free soul roaming here and there. Currently I am in Rishikesh and next month I will be touring in Himachal Pradesh with a group of some Indian sages.

Of course health is a must to accomplish every goal, be it is a 9 to 5’s regular job or an intense yoga sadhna. Health serves to fulfill your ultimate dreams but my friends often forget that they are spending time too, the most precious thing in the universe.

As the time never comes back, why we should waste it into travelling (or waiting) for just because of going to gym, fitness centre or yoga classes even though in the age of IT revolution. Certainly good fitness instructors or yoga teachers have no alternate, then what you can do?

I had to face this problem while I used to be a health freaky and wanted to get in shape but I got few solutions like find a nearby fitness centre or instructor. This could be near your home, office or morning walk places so you can save maximum time to enjoy with family. Alternatively gather a bunch of some like-minded peoples in your area and hire an expert to coach you at your place. There may be an extra cost of service but not more than what you pay in terms of times. So be healthy without wasting your precious time.


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